Gel Wax Melts

Fresh Laundry Scented Gel Wax Melts

Inspired by Fresh Unstoppables


5% of the purchase price is donated to a non profit UK environmental charity

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Fresh Laundry is a very clean, fruity, with a floral scent that will instantly lift your mood and fill your home with the smell of soft citrus oranges, peaches and jasmine flowers! We love the smell of fresh clean washing and so do our customers.  This fragrance is inspired by Fresh Unstoppables.

Using gel wax you can easily peel them out of your oil burner once the gel has cooled down.  There is no messy wax for you to clean out before changing to a different fragrance gel wax melt.  You won’t believe how easy it is!

Single leaf image on relax candle and bath

Vegan Friendly

100% vegetable
base wax

love heart logo on website selling candle and bath products

Animal friendly

Not tested
on animals

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Environmentally friendly

Recycled & compostable packaging

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